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Top most used authorization forms from our database:

Kaiser Permanente (CA)

Ascension Health (MO)

Adventist Health System (FL)

Baylor Scott & White (TX)

Mayo Clinic Health System (MN)


Approximately 20% or 1 out of 5 requests to hospitals that are denied, are denied because of the authorization form 

Number of forms updated today: 12

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Who we are

Why Medical Authorizations LLC

Increasingly restrictive Federal and State laws have required hospitals to tighten their record release policies. Fines associated with violation of these new rules and laws mean that most healthcare facilities now require that their own, unique medical release authorization forms be utilized during the record request process.  Generic authorization forms are not always accepted.

  • The process that follows when a hospital denies your request for records is burdensome:
    • Waiting for the facility to send the appropriate form
    • Getting the new authorization form signed 
    • Sending the new form back to the facility 
    • Waiting for the facility to comply with your request 

Using the proper medical authorization form ensures that your request for records will be processed by the facility without delay. Medical Authorizations LLC provides an efficient process by allowing you to simply log in, select the appropriate state, click on a facility and download the proper form for your client/patient to sign.  If the facility’s form is not available for download from their site, you will see an SF (Standard Form) next to the facility name.

What we provide to our customers

  • Continuously updated, hospital specific, medical release authorization forms
  • Assist in creating an efficient process by offering the proper authorization form when securing medical records
  • Peace of mind, by knowing their request will not get denied
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Why we are the authority on authorizations

Our team has decades of experience retrieving records on behalf of insurance companies, law firms, corporations, healthcare facilities & TPA’s.  We know the process and the pitfalls when it comes to retrieving records.  We also know that utilizing the right form the first time is essential. 


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Over 13,000 medical authorization forms

Enhanced HIPAA compliance

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Reduction of turnaround time from facility

Reduce record request denials

Reduce need for claimants to sign new forms

Forms available in multiple languages

Many forms in electronic fillable format

Database constantly updated with new hospitals, clinics and name changes

List of copy fees for all 50 States

List of record retention policies for all 50 States

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